Ideas that Change Life

So…. Since we all like change so much….

After a few months of learning about vs (yup… there are two versions of it) I finally realized that since I already own the “” domain, I can actually host my blog site there instead of paying for a second domain name and hosting services with yet another provider. Simpler is better. Right?

What that means is… I’ll be abandoning this web address and have already moved my blog over to:

Almost everything imported correctly, but the last two blogs from April seem to have lost your wonderful comments. I tried re-importing and re-exporting numerous times, and finally read in the support documents that the import/export tool for WordPress has bugs in it. (Such a major app for so many writers… they should fix that.) So if you posted something here, I’m very sorry to have lost it in the transition.

Thanks for following along with me, and I promise not to make anymore changes to where things get posted… or at least hope to promise that. This is still a learning experience for me! Thanks for joining in the journey!

– Sandy K.